Norman Patton

Date 11/17/2020

Every so often we see examples as to why learning and performing CPR effectively is so important. Channel 9 news in Seattle on November 7th reported a hiker found a man lost at Mount Rainier amid Freezing Conditions. The man was taken to a Seattle Hospital, according to Dr. JEnelle Badulak, "He died while he was in the ER". He was dead for 45 minutes. Often we are asked about Hands Only as a method of performing CPR. The problem with hands only is that your body only holds Oxygen for 6 minutes. Without oxygen to the brain, the brain begins to die. National statistics state the average Ambulance arrival takes about 12 minutes, You can see there is an oxygen problem with the Hands Only method. This method was only developed for those who were not trained in CPR or the face was compromised.

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